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Terms of Use and Sale


Last Update: April 24th of 2018


1.- Ownership


This site is owned and operated by Catalina M Puigròs Espejo, located at C/ Pius XII, number. 3 - 1er A, Manacor, CP  07500, Balearic Islands, Spain.


NIF: 41519470P

Email: hello@wondertour.es


Wondertour has the necessary permits and licenses to act as a tourist intermediation company according to the regulations applicable in the Balearic Islands and Spanish territory.


2.- Acceptance


This website, our app and the service provided (from now on the Service) is available for any user. The Service is subject to the following terms and conditions: these Terms of Use and Sale, our Privacy Policy and Cookie Policy.


When you use the Service, you accept our terms and conditions. This way, you state that you won’t use the Service for an illegal purpose.


On the other hand, we inform you that for legal reasons we store the electronic documents where your purchases are formalized as an agreement. You will be able to access those documents at any moment by sending an email to: hello@wondertour.es


3.- Description of the Service


3.1.- Service


Through the Service, Wondertour offers the possibility to book, according to the preferences of the user, a set of blind experiences of leisure, entertainment and catering. This way, the user enjoys them at the same time that the experiences are discovered.


The Service will be provided as follows:


  • First, the user will establish how many adults and minors will participate during the experience.


  • Second, the user chooses the best date according to her/his preferences and the type of experience. At the same time, the user goes for the VIP 50 or VIP 100 option.


  • Third, before creating the final set of activities, the user can rule out the ones that are not interesting to him/her. The number of discards is limited according to number of participants on the experience.


  • Finally, the user will provide the personal data from everyone participating on it, the payment info, accept the terms and conditions and contract the Service.


3.2.- Requirements


To enjoy the experience you will need a mobile device compatible with the Service app and an Internet connection for the device.

It is possible that some personal devices may not receive the Service although in theory your Internet connection and device comply with the requirements.


3.3.- Intermediary


Although Wondertour facilitates the organization of the activity, we act only as an intermediary between the participating parties: the user and the suppliers with whom we collaborate.


4.- External links


Through the Service you could be send to other websites by links.


However, Wondertour does not have control over those sites or its content. In fact, those sites are subject to its own terms and conditions. Therefore, Wondertour does not take responsibility for the quality, veracity or accuracy of those sites.


5.- Age


In relation to the use and purchase of the Service, you state that you are an adult with full legal capacity to use this site according to its terms and conditions and be entailed by this agreement, that you accept entirely.


If you contract the Service on behalf of a company, you acknowledge that you have authorization and adequate representation on behalf of the organization to do so.


You state that all the information provided to access the Service, before and after its use, it’s complete, accurate and reliable.


Minors can participate in the activities if the provider of the experience and the activity itself allows it. In addition, minors must be accompanied by adults who take care of them.


6.- Intellectual and Industrial Property


The content and the information of this site (among other, data, text, sound, pictures or code), as well as the hardware and software used to provide the content and information are owned by Wondertour or according to the corresponding licenses.


In addition, the modification, reproduction, duplication, copy, distribution, sale, resale and other exploitation forms for commercial purposes of the Service are forbidden.  


For any other use of the content of the site, the prior and written consent from Wondertour will be required.


7.- User content


As a user, you can contribute to the Service by sending us an email, through the contact form or messaging our chatbot  on the site (from now on “Content”).


We can use your Content on different ways, such as: showing it on the site, editing it for clarity, translating it to other languages, fixing grammatical errors, creating derivative works, promoting it or distributing it.   


Therefore, the Content is yours but when you send it to the Service you are giving Wondertour a license to use it non-exclusively, worldwide, free of charge, until the Content is deleted and with the option to transfer it and sublicense it.  


However, Wondertour reserves the right to not publish or delete any Content that could be considered false or illegal.


8.- Prices and taxes


The prices of the products offered through Wondertour are established in euros (€). Those prices include the corresponding Value-Added Tax (from now on “VAT”) at the moment of the purchase.  


Prices do not include possible tips to directors, drivers or local guides, visa and passport fees, baggage and personal insurance, personal items or any type of drinks or food that are not specifically established on the product page or final summary.


In any case, the purchase could be exempted or not from VAT according to your country of residence or in what capacity are you acting. Therefore, the final price of your purchase could be modified in relation to the one shown initially.


9.- Payment


To book the Service, you must pay for it in its entirety and in advance.


  • Credit or debit card from VISA, MasterCard, American Express or Discover. The price will be charged the moment the Service is purchased through Stripe.


In this sense, the owners of the credit and debit cards are informed that Wondertour is the one responsible for the transactions through the site. These transactions will be done on a secure page, using SSL technology to guarantee the security of the data transmitted.


10.- Validity of the offer


The experiences and activities offered in the Service, as well as its prices, will be available for its purchase until its online catalogue is updated.


In any case, Wondertour reserves the right to update the Service with the corresponding modifications, having the option to change prices, products and services according to the market.


We inform you that despite the updates on the prices of the Service, these may contain mistakes. We will correct them as soon as possible, but they won’t bind the Service.


11.- Warranty


All the rights provided by law to you as a consumer of the Service are guaranteed.


In any case, and as far as the law allows, Wondertour reserves the right to refuse, suspend or cancel the provision of the Service at its sole discretion.


12.- Observations for the users before participating in activities


Given the nature of the Service and that the user makes a booking without knowing exactly what kind of activities he/she will experience, it is important that the user previously indicates to Wondertour about any food issue, allergy or personal condition that should be known by the suppliers of the activities before the Service is provided.


In this sense, the user must inform Wondertour in advance about any physical or mental condition, illness, cardiovascular condition, pregnancy or personal circumstances of the participants in the activity that could affect their participation in it.


If the condition of the user is not an obstacle to experience the activity, the user will be responsible for carrying and managing the necessary elements for its control (for example, an asthma or diabetes kit).


On the other hand, generally the Service booked by the user will require him/her to have their own vehicle for its realization.


13.- Responsibility


While Wondertour's will is always to provide correct information about the activities it offers through the Service, it can not guarantee 100% accuracy of the information and descriptions of the activities displayed.


In this regard, in relation to the activities offered by third-party providers through the website, Wondertour assumes no responsibility for errors and inaccuracies in the information and descriptions provided in relation to such activities. Although it will try to avoid any possible error.


Third party suppliers that provide activities through the Service are independent contractors and not Wondertour employees.


Therefore, and to the extent permitted by law, Wondertour is not responsible for the acts, errors, omissions, declarations, guarantees, breaches, negligence or improper conduct of such suppliers. Neither is responsible for any type of personal injury, death, property damage or other damages or expenses arising from the booking or enjoyment of the Service by the user.


Wondertour will not be responsible in case of suffering any type of delay, cancellation, overbooking or strike generated by force majeure and beyond its direct control.


14.- Cancellations, refunds and modifications


14.1.- Cancellations and refunds


It is not possible to obtain a refund once an activity or set of activities have begun or regarding any type of food, beverages or other services used, except in accordance with the legal rights that assist you.


When you cancel a booking, you will be notified by email of the possible cancellation fees.

In that sense, canceling a reservation in Wondertour may result in a cancellation fee (with respect to the total amount):


  • Attractions, movies, theater, shows, tickets or tickets: None of these activities is reimbursable, except if the the activity is cancelled.


  • Other activities:


Cancelling three or more weeks in advance: no fee
Cancelling two or more weeks in advance: 15% fee
Cancelling with one week or more in advance: 50% fee
Cancelling with less than a week in advance: 100% fee
If you do not show up: no refund


If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us: hello@wondertour.es


In any case, you can always hire the insurance that we offer to guarantee the return of the amount paid.


14.2.- Modifications


Any request to change the reservation made will only be taken into account by Wondertour if it is done by an email send to hello@wondertour.es and at least 10 days before the date on which the activity must be provided. In addition, the modification may have a cost per person of up to 20 euros.


Anyway, remember that it is not possible to change or modify the tickets for special events or shows. The sales of this type of activities are final and cannot be modified once the original purchase has been confirmed.


In addition, Wondertour can not guarantee that such requests for a change will be satisfactorily completed as they will be subject to the availability of our suppliers.


On the other hand, if you make a reservation through a Wondertour promotion it is possible that any change related to the activity after the end of the purchase invalidates the discount. In those cases, consult the specific policy of each promotion.


Finally, our providers of experiences could make changes in the dates of the activities, prices, characteristics, coverage or age requirements. In that case, Wondertour will inform you of the modifications and possible alternatives.


If none of them satisfies you, you will be entitled to a full refund of the original purchase price. To request a refund in that case, contact us at: hello@wondertour.es


15.- User documentation


The user is responsible for ensuring compliance with all the requirements of the reservation and that if their identification documents, including passports and visas, are necessary, they are in order.


16.- Promotional codes


The user may obtain, through contests in social networks or promotions of the Service, promotional codes that can only be applied in the field indicated in the purchase process.


In the same way, these promotional codes will be the mechanism to gift activities or experiences from one user to another.


17.- Changes and nullity


We can update the terms and conditions of the Service in the future, as well as the features and functionalities of it.


We will inform you about these changes by sending you a notification to the provided email address and/or through a notice about it in our website.


If any clause included in these terms and conditions is declared, totally or partially, invalid or ineffective, that nullity or inefficiency will only affect that clause or the part established as invalid. On everything else, these terms and conditions will persist.


18.- Complaints and actions derived from the contract


As far as can be possible, this contract is regulated by Spanish law.


With the purpose to simplify any complaint through civil proceedings and to reduce costs, we do not exclude the possibility to be subjected to an equity arbitrage with the Chamber of Commerce and Industry.   


In this sense, and according to the applicable law, Wondertour informs you of the existence of the European platform for online dispute resolution. This platform makes easier the extrajudicial resolution of disputes for online contracts between consumers and Internet service providers. The platform can be accessed through this website: http://ec.europa.eu/odr


If the Service is contracted by a company, in case of dispute, the parties submit to the courts of Manacor, Majorca, and Spanish law.


19.- Language of the terms and conditions


The terms and conditions of the Service are in different languages. However, in case of any contradiction between one version and the other, the Spanish version will take precedence.

20.- Contact


For any question or request, you can contact us at:


E-mail: hello@wondertour.es

Address: C/ Pius XII, núm. 3 - 1er A, Manacor, CP  07500, Balearic Islands, Spain.


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