Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is

    WonderTour is a new way to discover Mallorca and it is for adventure lovers. Choose your companion(s) and if you prefer a surprise experience (4h) or a surprise tour (8h), and finally, the date for your adventure and that´s it! What´s the catch? You will not know your route until you get there. A day before, yes, you will be notified via e-mail, which clothes are the most appropriate for your experience and/or accessories you should take with you, and departure point in coordinates and time! Of course, you can have extras such as discard activities, the ones you would rather not enjoy.

  • How does work?

    Visit, select the number of people you will be enjoying the experience or the tour. Who are you? Is it a family with children, are you celebrating a special event... choose Experience or Surprise Tour, and if you would like an extra to guarantee a high-end restaurant or the whole Deluxe tour. If you are a group of more than 8 people, you must fill out a form and you can discard any activity (up to a maximum of 2). You will also have the option to choose other extras, such as the time slot of the flights. That easy!

  • If you have already enjoyed a WonderTour, can you get the same route?

    At WonderTour we try to make each experience and route a new adventure. This is why, if you want to enjoy a surprise experiences again, we will do everything possible for you to not repeat the same route again. Anyway, we offer the option to discard a free activity so you can discard the one you already visited.

  • Do I need to bring my passport with me?

    We recommend from WonderTour, to take your ID card all time with you, so you can fully enjoy all activities, which in some cases are required. Also, in order to meet your expectations for the tour or the experience, we ask for prior information related to your ID, to avoid complications.

  • I have a gift card, how do I exchange it?

    At the booking time, enter the code indicated on your card in the DISCOUNT COUPON section. The corresponding discount will be immediately applied.

  • What does a WonderTour pack include?

    It includes a web-app guide that will guide you during the whole route from the point where you have to departure, in addition to an activity or two and always a menu to choose from in a WonderTour restaurant.

  • What does the web-app guide include?

    It will include your route, along with your companions, if applicable. If you can not find the indicated coordinates, a phone number help. You can call to ask for information on where to go.

  • What does the WonderTour pack include?

    If you ask for extras both in activities and in restaurants that are not included in the price. In each activity and restaurant, you will be informed of what you can enjoy with the pack you have selected. In some activities, like how shopping, you are paying the service for someone to guide you through the best shops on the island, but not your purchases.

  • If I want to hire a bus or other sort of transfer service because we are a group, can I do it?

    You have to specify it in the COMMENTS section when making a booking, and we will contact you, and we will define what extra cost depending on the number of people and the Tour or the Experience selected.

  • If we are a family with children, does it come with activities for children?

    In the section who? Specify who you are, and adapt the routes that best fit for the occasion, in this case, with children, and that the experience will the most satisfactory for all.

  • What can I bring with me?

    One day before your WonderTour, stay tuned, and we will send you an email. We will specify which clothes and/or accessories fit better for your route and/or experience. In addition to the time and exact coordinates for you to start your WonderTour.

  • Can I get some discount?

    Sure, subscribe and become a WonderTour user to know every new promotion that we will be added in the future, in addition to speeding future reservations with WonderTour.We also recommend that you stay up-to-date on our social media updates, so "Like" our Facebook page and follow us on Instagram and do not miss anything.

  • Can someone underage be part of an experience or a tour with WonderTour?

    Yes, but be careful! An adult must always accompany children under 18. Minors who are 16 or 17 years old could opt to do a WonderTour as long as they have a driver with them. Without a driver, you can not do our activities.

  • Is there any child discount?

    WonderTour is free for children up to 2 years old! You will only have to specify for it on your data. Children from 3 to 11 years old will benefit from a 50% discount.

  • Can I enjoy WonderTour if I have reduced mobility or do I need some special care?

    Even if you can not enjoy all experiences, it is not an impediment to enjoy an excellent adventure! Specify it in the COMMENTS, and we will assist you. In case of chronic diseases or something that we should know, it is better if you tell us in your user profile so you can all enjoy an experience with us!

  • Can I discard an activity I would instead not enjoy?

    WonderTour gives you the option to discard an activity category included in the price. If you would like to eliminate more categories, it will cost €3/person, and automatically all our routes that include this category will be excluded.

  • How do I choose a route?

    Do not worry, let yourself go! From all activities WonderTour works, we will assign you one. We will inform you 24h before what clothes to wear. If you want to make sure you do not enjoy any specific activity, you can discard up to 2 activities for a small amount. The adventure is assured!

  • Which sort of restaurant is it going to be included in the pack?

    In the section EXPERIENCES, you can see which sort of restaurants we offer. They can be restaurants, picnics, gastronomic routes or a meal to take away. All our gastronomic experiences have the best scores on TripAdvisor and elTenedor.

  • Which kind of route am I going to enjoy if I go by myself?

    If you want to enjoy WonderTour by yourself, we will do our best to assign you a route or experience with people who also enjoy the experience alone, although it depends on the demand of the selected day and the weather, to guarantee it.

  • Can I join a route with people that I don´t know?

    It is the most likely you will have to enjoy your experience with more people you will not know, unless you want a personalized route, in that case, you should hire an extra +100 and specify it in the COMMENTS section. Although our experiences are organized, the vast majority, for small groups.
    Can I enjoy two activities with WonderTour?
    Although with our surprise experiences, we would like you to enjoy more than one activity, there is not enough time for you to enjoy two activities and also a restaurant or gastronomic experience, on the contrary, with a surprise Tour it could happen that you were assigned Several activities on the same Tour plus your meal experience.

  • Can I enjoy more than one activity with wondertour?

    Although with our surprise experiences, we would like you to enjoy more than one activity. There is not enough time for you to enjoy two activities and a restaurant or gastronomic experience, on the other hand, with a surprise Tour it could happen that you were assigned several activities in the same Tour as well as your gastronomic experience


  • What is the difference between extra +50 and extra +100?

    With an extra +50, you ensure a gastronomic experience of haute cuisine, and if you also want a luxury WonderTour pack, make sure you have an extra +100
    You can enjoy Extra +50 and extra +100 both by choosing Experience (4h) and Tour (8h). First, select what option you prefer, and add the extra you prefer! Wondertour Top guaranteed!

  • Can I modify or cancel a WonderTour experience or tour?

    Any request for a change will only be taken into account by WonderTour if it is done by email to and at least ten days before the date on which the activity must be provided. Also, it could have a cost per person up to 20 euros.
    Anyway, remember it is not possible to change or modify the tickets for special events or shows. The sales of this type of activities cannot be modified once the original purchase has been confirmed.

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