Mallorcaenbarcocharter, in the southeast of Majorca

Very close to the beach of Porto Cristo you will find this boat


Enjoy a day sailing along the southeast coast of Mallorca, discovering caves, virgin coves, the seabed and its fish doing snorkeling, surrounded by spectacular beauty and totally unspoiled landscapes.

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Forestal Park, the longest ziplines in Majorca

In the Arenal, very close to Palma, is this park in the middle of nature.


"Adrenaline in its purest form" in a very simple way, this would be what would define in a general way what you feel when you visit Forestal Park and dare to try its activities. Tirolinas more than 200 meters long, lianas, jumps, nature, adventure and laughter await you in this magnificent park.


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Rosetó, local product in Palma

The magnificent Rosetó Restaurant Bar, one of our partners, is located in the former Convent of the Repairing Sisters.


On the terrace on the ground floor, on the upper terrace overlooking the old town of Palma or in its cozy dining room, the restaurant Rosetó stands out, not only for its excellent cuisine, but also for its spaces that trap you and help you stop the time to be able to enjoy a great experience.

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Melassa, restaurant in the center of Majorca

Melassa defends the product of proximity, a quality product that gives its dishes a unique character.


"The flavor, which is this word that for us is a religion" And it is that Melassa is defined by local cuisine, the local product and the originality when it comes to thinking and preparing dishes. A restaurant located in the center of Mallorca that will delight the lucky ones to be able to enjoy this experience.

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Get to know the wineries of Macià Batlle

Wineries Macià Batle


Whether for the more than 300 awards that Macià Batle has received, or for being one of the oldest wineries in Majorca, if you have this experience, you will be lucky to enter an exciting world and feel of first hand why it is so special to each of Macià Batle's wine bottles.

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